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The generation that embraced coffee shops, energy drinks, and caffeinated beverages..has matured and evolved.  The need for caffeine remains, however now the modern health conscious consumer wants it with Health, Taste, Variety, and Style.

HARD® delivers a dynamic alternative to both coffee and energy drinks for our

"On-Demand" lifestyle.

HARD® offers the classic flavors consumers seek, the premium quality they look to indulge in, a satisfaction of the consumers need for caffeine, while having the flexibility to be enjoyed as either a stand-alone beverage or utilized as a mixer. 

HARD® is not an energy drink, in contrast, HARD® is the essential fuel for your lifestyle.  Simply put...HARD® delivers "Clean Caffeine"

We respect the past, but are never slowed by it. We're HARD®, both youthful and mature, unyielding and driven to be better than what was, and explore what could be.  

Craft in quality and flavor, with the appeal inspired by your needs and demands.


The future crafted from scratch - Designed BY Life! - Designed FOR Life!


Live HARD®!




Reverse Osmosis Purified Water
Premium Natural Flavors
Proprietary Functional Caffeine & B-Vitamin blend
Real Cane Sugar & Stevia
Certified Kosher
Proudly produced in the USA
No Taurine, No Artificial Colors, No Artificial Flavors,
No Corn Syrup, No Artificial Sweeteners, GMO Free & Gluten Free.
Made with hands on craft care. 
Fueled by dedication and a devotion to quality.
Clean Caffeine so you can energize without compromise.
HARD®..... Inspired by you.....Created for you.
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